I’m Chris Landry, and I’m a software developer living in Woodstock, Ontario. I live with my wife, two daughters, and a cat I don’t particularly care for.

I currently work as a platform developer for Igloo Software working on building a better intranet that you’ll actually like. I strongly focus on improving and building features from the back end, but like to keep my head in the front end as well.

I began my development and software design career on Microsoft BASIC in 1993 after seeing a friend make a rocket ship fly off a computer screen (he only used simple PRINT statements to do it). I fell in love instantly and spent many, many hours building game development engines and applications such as spreadsheets and word processors.

From there I started working with C, C++, and assembly to build applications for Windows 95: including chat systems, emulators, and custom development requests. In college I began working with Java and web development, and since then I’ve learned C# and ASP.Net as well.

I spend a lot of time reading programming concept books, coding personal projects, working, and spending time with my family.

Feel free to contact me at topher.p.landry@gmail.com with any questions you may have.


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