Changing Perspectives

Why did the chicken cross the road?

The Other Side

To get to the other side.

I’ve heard this joke for most of my life, but I only started finding it funny this week. Previously I’d always wonder why it was funny. Of course the chicken is trying to get to the other side, he’s crossing the road. Duh.

But this week, when my six year old told me the joke, for some reason I finally clued in that “the other side” is another way of referring to the after life. Since then I’ve told I few people that the joke is a pun and I’ve explained it, but I’m having trouble getting people to actually believe me. For some reason, they have an easier time believing that it’s a simple question with no humour.

What causes people to be able to change built in perspectives sand reframe things that they’ve thought their entire lives? How do you turn around and look at something in a different light?

As a software developer, being able to reframe things like this to experience a new perspective will enable me to solve more problems and easily see alternate solutions that may be more efficient or less complex. I think regularly viewing riddles or mystery novels is a good way to train your mind to view facts and data in different ways and can see that type of brain training as being invaluable.


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